WL//WH Video Premiere: SEMIHELIX Leave Toxic Thought Forms “Downstream”


Photo by @amatyst at @henhouserecording

Formed in Austin, TX in 2012, Semihelix is a three-piece combo, fronted by guitarist and vocalist Geannie Friedman along with Mikey Cota on bass, and Valdemar Barrera on drums and vocals, that delivers a melodic yet noisy heady blend of Psychedelia, Garage and Dream Pop, sprinkled, at times, with fuzzy Shoegaze.

Following the long-awaited and acclaimed 2021 debut album, “Recoil”, the band is finally back on track in the new year with a string of singles over the Summer in anticipation of a forthcoming 7″ EP scheduled for early 2024.

WL//WL is pleased to premiere the stirring video produced by Vajaja Valejo (The Et Ceteras) and Marisa Pool (Suspirians) for Semihelix’s latest and second single of 2023, “Downstream”.

‘Downstream’ is about letting go of negative patterns and focusing on gratitude. It’s about “out with the old, in with the new” when it comes to releasing things that don’t serve us. It’s about releasing expectations, and floating down a calm stream in life; a note to self to slow down and take deep breaths and let go.

“Downstream” deftly displays Semihelix’s breezy emotive melodic sensibility cocooned in 60s-tinged mesmeric harmonies, exquisitely nuanced with shadow and light, through immersive vibrant flows of glistening guitar riffs that meander and sizzle with obsessive wistful intensity, fueled by a bustling heart of dynamic drum beats and sinuously rubbery warm bass throbs, to carry slightly distorted high-angst atmospheric vocals, layered with expanding halos, into intoxicatingly and piercing ripples of action-packed moods.

Sentimental and whimsical visuals by Vajaja and Marisa Pool take the viewer on a walk down memory lane, where dancing imaginations and comforting dreams sync seamlessly with the nostalgic uplifting vibes of the soundtrack. An eclectic, colorful stream of childhood memories, flashback bedroom rehearsals, and symbolic illustrations lend creative, ‘fun in the sun’ insight on how to move forward in life whilst beating the oppressive summer heat.

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