WL//WH Video Premiere: Fall into a trance-inducing “Sleep” with BILLY ZACH

WL//WH Video Premiere Billy Zach

Hamburg based German rockers BILLY ZACH keep fine-tuning their immersive brew of garage and post-punk sound, as a 4-piece formation, releasing a gripping music video for the narcotic second single “Sleep”, taken from their forthcoming 2021 album “Struggle On”, via fellow independent label La Pochette Surprise RecordsWL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

Gritty, grinding moods linger in punchy drum beats that pound attention-grabbing disruptions along with low, droning basslines, pierced by dire guitar strings’ chrome dusted, slightly abrasive, ringing flow, awash by hissing keyboard undercurrents, while irritated nicotine-stained vocals release dead tired, aggravated tension and harsh, screaming cries into the tumultuous jerky disharmonies.

Cursed confessions offer the dark side of enlightenment, using an interplay between the dream and wake state set against the allegory of Plato’s cave.

Spooky DIY video captures a monochromatic loop spinning an enigmatic backdrop lined in wall to wall scientific marine life specimens, to create a curious laboratory of unknown origins cut in blurry transitions with an intimate musical performance.  Strategic camera angles extend time through hypnotic overlays scattered with subconscious symbols and ambient lighting to draw the viewer into the alternate dimension of sci-fi intrigue.

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