WL//WH Video Of The Day: CAMLANN “Midnight Euphoria”

Video Of The Day  CAMLANN  

Formerly Indonesian Darkwave band based in Jakarta, Camlann, introduce themselves in the new year as a duo, comprising Ony Godfrey (vocals) and Fauzan Pratama (synthesizer), and new lush and groovy Dark Disco/ Dark Pop sound.

The new single, “Midnight Euphoria”, accompanied by an immersive DIY video, infuses Disco and Funk elements into the ’70s inspired Electronic number with captivating lyrics that explore a romantic rendezvous between a girl and her childhood idol to deliver an intoxicating atmosphere of obsession, longing, and desire.

Sparkling and dynamic auras ignite vibrant dancing rhythms, low humming bass tones, warm rising synth swathes and bouncing shimmering stringed spirals to coalesce around the deep, heartfelt, and expressive vocalizations lit by energetic back-ups, angsty moans, and bluesy clavinet blows to capture a steamy carefree abandon of dancing the night away.

A blurry, evocative music performance showcases Camlann’s new sound by combining attitude, drama, and disco ball reflections into a depth defying visual experience. Trace overlays, a sensual plot, and unique personal style draw the viewer into the passion, mystery, and clandestine moods of “Midnight Euphoria”, whilst invoking a trendy, groovy nostalgia for ’70s Disco flair.

Camlann‘s new single, “Midnight Euphoria”, is out now via the band’s Bandcamp along with the Remix by iconic Italo/French Synthpop / Darkwave duo Echoberyl on the flip.

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