WL//WH Video of the Day: SEX CELLS “Modern Witchcraft”

Video of the Day Sex Cells

London-based, quintessential DIY, dystopian ‘brutalist Synth Pop’ noise experimentalists Sex Cells, made of Matt Kilda and Willow Vincent, have just released their new single “Modern Witchcraft” via their own label, Pretty Ugly Records, soon followed by the visionary visuals with the animation by the duo themselves.

Quick, short, backbeats roll like slo-mo bullets into deep pulsing bass rhythms to form a steady undercurrent of dance club breaks interspersed by eerily sinister glossy synth strikes and high, squeaky, scared female freestyle flow support nervous, witty, and wise-guy vocals in regard to modern practices of social control.

A song about fear, popularity, and vigilance spun with a facetious lens steeped in conspiracy theories considers a notion of government control gained using distraction, escapism, and censorship to keep the masses busy, uninformed, and unable to challenge the Power. Referred to as “Modern Witchcraft for the masses,” as it is available everywhere near you!

The visuals portray a couple driving a Triumph Herald shot in black and white on a mad dash to the countryside set against the backdrop of a brilliantly animated landscape bursting in a kaleidoscope of colours and curiosities. Joan of Arc stands with arms extended to the sky not far from Dorothy and Toto as they wait for a bus along with big brother’s dark eyes hidden amongst the clouds watching their every move.

A dramatic flee from a dystopian oligarchy armed with gas masks, a keyboard and a badass Triumph Herald leave a heady duo in a bizarro dream-like realm where the lines between fantasy and reality have melted set against the soundscape of a dance-inducing drum and bass section and at time comedic witty polyphonic prose.

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