WL//WH Video of the Day: BILLOW “Don’t You Think the Trees Get Tired of Standing All the Time”

Video Of The Day Billow

Czech dreampop 4-piece Billow, based out of Prague/Veselí nad Moravou, have just released an ethereal and dreamy video for the emotional shimmering pop single “Don’t You Think the Trees Get Tired of Standing All the Time.”

Twinkling melancholic melodies sparkle plucking guitar strings around slow urgent moods interwoven with a low pinpoint bassline, rhythmic crispy snapping beats, and breath-taking female vocals layering breathless gasps, soulful fluttering, and airy, brittle, falling into shattered dreams.

Heartfelt lyrics paint a portrait of shared memories and lost wishes held for ransom in an intimate characterization of nostalgia, love, and regret.

The surreal video casts blurry headlight night scenes against bright and cheery forget-me-not lined fields of tragic beauty, aligned with whip of will winding roads, bursting in neon yellow-tinted blooms, while an out of control downward spiral, slow motions off the beaten path of depression’s dark seas into a psychedelic sunset tinged in secret shades and glistening waves of doubt.

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pic by @liborgalia