WL/WH Video Of The Day : THE COLDER SEA ‘Young Love’

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Parisian label Synth Religion shaped by Hélène de Thoury aka Hante, with a wise policy of few but quality signings, keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Evidence of that is the German synthpop husband/wife duo of Sarah and Daniel Egger from Hannover, The Colder Sea, who are about to release the 5-track vinyl 7″ single‘Young Love’.

The title track, backed by a video made of faded vintage 70’s images, is a cinematic  and sentimental analogue synth-laden fruit of love, steeped in sublime harmonies and wistful magic, even more warmed up by the suggestive alternate vocals in the hook, very close to the nocturnal dreamy alluring atmospheres of Johnny Jewel’s Chromatics.

 It’s also a celebration of the soothing and healing power of music as they state in a note on the single, ‘an anthem for those who invested themselves in falling and staying in love with someone, especially at a young age’, so moving, that even a hopeless disenchanted guy like me, feels some kind of frisson.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso