WL//WH Video of the Day: SCENE NOIR “She Lives at Night”

WL//WH Video Of The Day    SCENE NOIR

Dark atmospheric coldwavers Scene Noir started their journey in 2011 when Andrew Velvet (vocals/guitar/synth) and Dave Brennan (bass/guitar/vocal) began playing venues and festivals around their native Montreal, Canada. Shortly thereafter fellow Montreal label Cold Model Records picked them up and 2014 marked the release of their debut single “Waves.”A year later a full-length 8-track album of the same name was dropped.

With some singles and side projects under their belt, 2017 marked the release of the sophomore EP “From Dreams to Memories.” 2018 brought a new band mate Aislinn (percussion/guitar/vocal) and a new video/single,”She lives at Night.”

“I think we’ve gone back to the source and made some of the best music we could make. It’s a great feeling, to be back in love with our guitars again. It’s a trip to be lost in the sounds we grew up on.” – Andrew.”

Twangy wistful guitar strums, prominent poignant bass lines, and thumping clashing drums introduce a pronounced dark sensual romantic croon. Instruments shift to urgent erratic dramatic notes as vocals become anxious rapid baritone gasps building a fearful, distressed, and apprehensive environment. Razor-sharp guitar melodies, bouncing bass, and steady drum beats suddenly cease as flickering laser-like effects and precise agile drum machine beats completely change the mood and tone. Distant, sweet, floating distorted whispers of joy and euphoria surrounded by swelling synths and powerful beats, shift to louder repetitions and quandaries that fade out.

A song about love, violence and coping. The song begins with an ordinary relationship, but we quickly find out it is not. “She sleeps all day” trying to dream away the violence of her home life, and “lives at night” by going out. A man notices her, feels an instant kinship, and wonders if it is all an allusion or reality.

The accompanied visuals, directed and produced by Son of all Trades, use shadows, lighting and transposed images of the band wearing leather jackets, hanging chains, and button-up shirts showing their unique style and class. Switching to beautiful city-scapes illuminating the backdrop as the trio skateboard through the urban terrain. Nocturnal, mysterious, dramatic, and whimsical full of contrast and illusions.

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