WL//WH Video Premiere: MORTE PSIQUICA’s “Domingo | Sunday” Stroll through Montreal’s Underground Music Heritage


WL//WH is pleased to premiere a historical music video, shot on location in Montreal by the smiling camera of Seif Hajim, for the latest album’s song, “Domingo | Sunday”, by Goth Post Punk outfit Morte Psiquica. Established in 1993 as a three-piece band in Portugal, relocated to Quebec, Morte Psiquica is now the solo project of Sérgio Pereira, with the support of live bassist Richy Farkas, performing in the Montreal area, where last November’s has released his third studio full-length LP, “Camera Obscura”, via the local independent label Velouria Recordz.

Defined by the meandering, emotional and flamboyant Sérgio Pereira‘s distinctive interlaced 6-string work, underpinned by a snappy rhythm section, the ’80s tinged “Domingo” unfurls in an immersive, groovy, and arousing aura, vaguely suffused with a subtle psychedelic sheen, through high warped airy bright keyboard sweeps, rising anxiously from below obsessive winding guitar string’s crystalline spirals of penetrating pain, whilst steady punchy drumbeats and numb bass vibrations simmer broodingly, amid passionate Portuguese croons, projecting feelings of disappointment, sadness, and frustration onto a ‘Domingo’ reflection about life.

Modish black and white shots by Seif Hajim from the most charismatic venues of Montreal’s underground scene, sweep through graffiti-strewn train tracks, lofty windowpanes, and sprawling panoramic views to intersect over an intimate musical performance cast in edgy, modern vibes. Blurry transitions draw distorted perceptions from surreal overlays to evoke lysergic moods, as dizzying 180-degree camera rotations and keen editing skills, create an engaging flow of motion along the cool Québécois metropolis.

Morte Psiquica‘s third LP, “Camera Obscura”, is out now on CD & Digital via Velouria Recordz Bandcamp.

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