WL//WH Video Of The Day: SAME EYES “Pavillion”

Video Of The Day  SAME EYES

Since early 2020, Ann Arbor, Michigan based duo Chad Pratt (Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Sampling), Alex Hughes (Voice, Words, Synthesizers, Guitar) with the support of friends musicians, in this occasion, Fred Thomas on guitar, create dreamlike, cinematic, neon-lit Synth Pop under the Same Eyes moniker. The pair have shared a dramatic video directed by John Hanson, starring Sarah Cavalieri, Iman Payne, and Sheri Houghland, for the new track “Pavillion”, the 3rd single from the upcoming sophomore 12-track album, “Desperate Ones”, scheduled to be released on March 4, 2022.

The evocative “Pavillion” stirs sentimental, groovy, and intoxicating moods layering icy bright wistful swirling synth melodies and obsessive stacked glossy chords with steady stomping rhythms, shimmering jagged guitar riffs and pulsing deep basslines to surround the helpless emotional vocal harmonies in arousing twinkling glimmers and underlying subtly uneasy strains of both comfort and dread.

The nostalgic yet timeless visuals merge past and present timelines into a surreal, regretful introspection. Golden cornfields hide the guilt of a shamed wanderer, whose youthful memories project feelings of fear, temptation, and excitement over an outdoor skate night hazed in the red and blue lights of hypnotic danger. A seemingly innocent ride in the country quickly turns black as the two shadowy dimensions now emerge into the future where dark narrative lyrics layout a wicked destiny of theft, violence, and life on the run for a doomed romance wrought in the reckless abandonment of hope.

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