WL//WH Track Of The Day: ST. DIGUE “Countess Of The Night”

Track Of The Day   St. Digue

Copenhagen, Denmark’s Dark Wave artist Kasper Deichmann AKA St. Digue sets aside the ethereal side of his sound for a new single bursting with an industrial-fueled energetic and visceral aggressiveness.

“Countess of the Night” is a modern archetype dressed in the symbolic colours of red and black that brings pain, revenge, and death to the fascist pigs.

Unremitting tumultuous slashing rhythms pound and thrust with relentless clattering industrial vigour, plagued by dire churning bassline’s droning undulating menace, drilling a tunnel deep down to the pitch black hellish abyss of the dancefloor, enraged by creepy unbridled layers of swirling synth blaze, whilst distorted baritone breathes, unleashing cold anger, steaming passions, and lethal screams into a sinister barren land of destruction and doom.

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Photo by @nichawkesworth