WL//WH Video Of The Day: MITRA MITRA “Shortwave”

Video Of The Day Mitra Mitra

Wien based duo Mitra Mitra, comprised of English musician Mahk Rumbae (Oppenheimer MKII, Codex Empire, Konstruktivists, Ghost Actor) and New Zealand‘s dj/vocalist Violet Candide have distinguished themselves by their distinctive and elegant stripped-down approach to the dark synth / minimal synth sound since the early days in 2015.

After last year EP “The Flood” on their own label Micromort Music in conjunction with Peripheral Minimal, they’re back with UK Polytechnic Youth imprint, with whom they released an immediately sold out 7″ in 2015, announcing the soon to be released mini-LP “Marionettes” available on vinyl via the label and digital via their Bandcamp page.

It is easy to spot Mitra Mitra‘s unique touch in their first preview “Shortwave.” Their atmospheric melding of minimal synth creates haunting moods, made of minimalistic repetitive beats, hypnotic bass, abstract, somber and woozy melodic dark synths accentuated by Violet’s detached vocals. The listener finds himself lead through a maze of analog sonic pleasures. 

Waves of cold dark synth that will warm your bleak hearts.

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