WL//WH Track Of The Day: VANISHING MUFFINS “Taste Of Cherry”


Vanishing Muffins is a new Indonesian Noise-Rock/Pop band based in Jakarta, triggered by former Ultraviolence and Modern Approach member Bayu Silalahi (Vocals, Guitar), joined by Bimo Setyo (Bassist) and Ericko Pandu (Lead Guitar).

The freshly released trio’s first single, “Taste Of Cherry”, is a heartfelt tribute to the timeless loud Indie-Pop aesthetic of revered seminal noisemakers such as Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Tambourine.

Romantic lyrics confess to losing the ability to think at the hands of love and fear.

Channeling subtly lingering vibes of Velvet’s unfathomable laid-back buzz and MBV’s washed-out haze, “Taste Of Cherry” rides through eternally tight urgent off-tempo drum beats, to drive tempting blankets of rustling fuzz-out distortion, harmonic screeching feedback, laced with trebly wah-wah flourishes, over distorted flirtatious vocal layers, stirring restless passions from the boisterous chaos of angsty dreams.

A first fruity taste of sizzling noisy allure.

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