WL//WH Video Of The Day: MIRROR OF HAZE “Drifting into the Void”

Video Of The Day Mirror of Haze

Norwegian post-punk/gothic rock project based in Oslo, Mirror of Haze releases a hypnotic video for the sophomore single “Drifting Into The Void”, enshrouded in a shimmering gloomy haze, via Brazilian label Wave Records.

Disconnection winds urgent, cinematic moods with dire, dramatic guitar melodies over ominous, droning bass lines, hard-hitting, thudding drum beats, and shivering synth strains to form a dark ethereal mist of hissing distortion around low atmospheric hums layered with anxiously detached male vocals releasing distress and dread Into the Void.”

A reflection about the strange vibes released during this unprecedented time in our modern history, as lyrics express remorse, fear, and extreme isolation at the hands of the Covid19.

A carefree walk with friends into the subterranean rail system leads to a newfound autonomy and control at the hands of something sinister. Electric tunnels flow quickly underground, lit by a blurring and fuzzing time-lapse continuum between two seemingly different worlds.  Sun and shadows construct a false sense of freedom against the dizzying sway of wobbly skateboard angles, while concealed hand gestures orchestrate a reversal of motion to run backwards through a reflected dimension.

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