WL//WH Video Of The Day : MILLIKEN CHAMBER “Bodies”

Video Of The Day Milliken Chamber

Michigan-bred, relocated to Los Angeles, darkwave duo Milliken Chamber, comprised of formerly Prudence, Anna Schmidt (vocals) and Kevin Czarnik (machines), the latter also half of Forever Grey and Belladonna Grave solo project, in a matter of days have first shared the videoclip for the new song “Bodies”, then dropped their self-released debut full-length “Cadence”.
Ten intense, emotional and spellbinding darkwave slivers, suffused with 80s synth-pop and coldwave suggestions, ooze with subtle mournful, tense and dramatic dark moods, to craft an eerily beautiful, icily danceable, sophisticated and intoxicating obscure synth sound heightened by seductive haunting vocals.

“Bodies” is made up of beautifully alluring, yet aloof and cold, echoing vocals that glide over the hypnotic propelling energy of ominous relentless throbbing basslines together with hard hitting sharp beats and lush synth stabs, blending in a mysterious and ecstatic dance with the shadows, hovering between melancholy and complacency, pain and pleasure.  

A memory incites a myriad of emotions, desires, and disappointments in a libidinous tale of passion, domination, and abandonment. Feelings of excitement and arousal mix with lies, cries, and control creating an ambiguous mixture of happiness and sorrow. Until the “heart” of the relationship is finally revealed, “self possession.”

The accompanied video continues the mystery using alternating time sequences, beautiful high contrast resolution, and unfocused lens motion. Opposing hues emphasize the complementary, yet dualistic depth of the relationship. Momentous shifts in time eerily leave the end or the beginning open to interpretation.

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Written by Catt Gillette & Fabrizio Lusso