WL//WH REVIEW: The Wondrous New LP “Life Got Claws” by THE SECRET FRENCH POSTCARDS via Cold Transmission Music



Initially founded in 2016, The Secret French Postcards from Sweden slowly and methodically managed to shine silently in the midst of all that we call the darkwave since its first release back in 2018 (“Les Éditions Ostra” LP). Led by Olli Ohlander (songwriting, performing all in the studio, and with a bit of help from his friends) TSFP constantly offer some edgy and striking musings all in the stream of dark romantic music art with exceptional aesthetics on its sound and with the melodies that narrate his actual songs. No secret anymore that TSFP is among the most beloved and quality acts in the scene, and here came Cold Transmission Music from Germany which published his wondrous new album “Life Got Claws” earlier on November 4 (you can get it on vinyl, CD, and digitally).

All 10 new songs are written and performed by Olli Ohlander, drums by Fredrik Ringvall, and synths on “Sad Like You” by Pedro Code (IAMTHESHADOW). Artwork by Yvonne Kiel, and track art by Jack Life. The entire production and the mixing and mastering work by Perdo Code applied a kind of sound like the light soil beneath a fragile and sombre musical environment. The leading single from the album is “Dreaming At Last” and it appeared with a nice official video too, watch it!

The hidden meanings of the music are really clear somehow within the album and in these 10 superb new songs, you will find this message on their Bandcamp account;

“We strive for a happy life but all too often complications arise such as death, broken hearts, lies, hatred, envy, finances, work. In other words, ordinary life which hardens us as human beings. So life has its claws.”

Musically, TSFP is an act that is always looking for the true meaning of the darkwave blending it with several similar styles and always with detailed distinctiveness, you will discern the legacy of Echo & The Bunnymen, the aura of the early ‘gaze days of Ride, some early U2 approach, the nostalgia of the early indie 90s too when the style of Johnny Marr was like a bible and almost everywhere, and of course Robert Smith‘s guitar style which eventually exists everywhere in this kind of music we love. More than this and naturally more important, you will hear the modern manner and the current mien of the dark alternative music, the post-punk blending with the cold wave and all veiled behind a light synthetic gothic peplum with all these existing together in the actual core of the soul of The Secret French Postcards. So, no more words from me, this album is so amazing; listen to it loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mikeradio mike