WL//WH Video Of The Day: SPARKLER “Acid Casualty”

Video Of The Day   SPARKLER   

From San Diego, California hail the ‘sonically ambiguous’ Shoegaze foursome Sparkler, who draw from the ’90s throwback My Bloody Valentine trippy vibes to put a refreshing twist into the mesmeric turbulence of their latest DIY video/song  “Acid Casualty,” the first single off the band’s anticipated debut album “Big Sonic Chill” due out on March 3, 2023, via Chicago’s independent label Flesh & Bone Records.

Heady lyrics search for insight in a psychedelic realm of interconnectedness, as an immersive blinding surge of billowing swarms from harsh droning guitar effects, sunken hard-hitting drum beats, and low throbbing bass lines, veil dreamy, bewitching ghostlike vocals behind a distorted mercurial chaos of carefree longing and angsty doom.

Lysergic DIY visuals capture the dissociative moods of the soundtrack by layering a blurry depth-defying performance with nostalgic outdoor scenery, shapeshifting shadows, and melting trace overlays to slow, time-lapsed flows of motion into surreal timeless introspections of escapism and bliss.

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