WL//WH Track Of The Day: IC2 “Far Away”

Track Of The Day  IC2

IC2 is a one-man band from Villa Latina, Italy, appeared at the start of 2020, who delivers an immersive and refined take on the melodic, moody, melancholic strains of ’80s goth-tinged post-punk and darkwave, as his latest single “Far Away” deftly emphasises.

Driven by a cold, mechanical drum machine, a dirging, sinuously pulsing bass instils a compelling dismal lure, lit by atmospheric emotional-ridden guitar lines, ladened with echoing reverb that rings with desolate vibrancy, to wind a silky murky veil of disturbing gothic mystery and sullen romance, slowly spread in a subduedly spooky, yet achingly hopeless embrace, enhanced by organ-like airy dramatic swells, over distressed male vocals, suffering in isolation and fear, falling desperately into the dim chasms of a twisted fate.

Fine quality post-punk craftsmanship enshrouded in black velvet darkness, absolutely to follow.

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