WL//WH Video Of The Day: BITE MARCUS “The Introspect”

Video Of The Day  BITE MARCUS 

Manchester’s brash and brooding Bite Marcus, formerly a member of the Brighton, UK Post-Punkers Grasshopper from 2012 to 2020, drops an ‘official’ DIY video for his first single “The Introspect.”

Be on the lookout for a January 4, 2024 ‘new single’ announcement in anticipation of a 2024 debut LP.

…opening with a flurry of synth-horns, ‘The Introspect’ is a bold, swaggering introduction to the musical world of Bite Marcus. Part industrial banger, part-camp-pop confession, it’s an inventive and highly original track. Musically, synth strings and horns crash over pickaxe SFX and Bite Marcus’s brooding baritone (reminiscent of Scott Walker and Ian Curtis). Lyrically, it’s quite literally the story of Bite Marcus’s birth and life, self-aware, poetic and humorous. It’s a dark-wave banger that undoubtedly heralds an inspired new presence in British alternative music…

 A glittering, slightly Baroque strain of rich and dark orchestral synth-pop, reminiscent of Marc Almond and The The, where the tormented and passioned vibrato, worthy of a refined crooner, strikes up, “The Introspect” is introduced by attention-grabbing flashy swirling string blasts, to lead into moody, thrilling bass oscillations and tapping and clicky-clacky percussions, underlying an alluringly intense dramatic vocal delivery, shifting powerful baritone broods with a haunting layering of ghostly echoes, whilst a shimmering pulsing solemn poignant array of icy shivering and angsty brassy synth orchestrations wander and sway mercurially with the poetry, humor, and self-awareness of Bite Marcus’s story.

The DIY visuals shuffle ‘alive’ archival imagery, from BM’s parents, Chris Tomsett / Innerstrings, Esme Whitehead and Kurtis Hall, taken between 19992023 with a groovy dance sequence filmed last week to sync with the biographical soundtrack. Vibrant, lysergic, and immersive, a unique combination of vintage photographs, ‘handwritten’ lyrics, home movies, and murky stained glass hues, shapeshift a modern performance to deliver a wonderfully introspective and touching insight into life.

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