WL//WH Video Of The Day: GL4M/HØRD/VOLCAN “Glaze”

Video Of The Day  GL4M/HØRD/VOLCAN

Transatlantic cinematic synth-laden collaboration between Bordeaux-based close friend and coldwave musicians, (check last year’s Split EP on Objetrouve label), VOLCAN and HøRD, the latter in the guise of arranger, and Los Angeles based electronic producer, of Armenian heritage, GL4M previews a mesmeric track “Glaze”, due out in May on “Cold World 4” compilation, via Barcelona’s very own Cold Beats Records.

Introduced by the ghostly and mysterious echoing voice of Marie Klock, a swarm of glowing synths, swirl into hopeless icy flashing swathes around buzzing, swelling, bleak basslines, mechanical off-tempo beats and crisp claps, while light airy wistful whispers wander through the ubiquitous rift between painful memories and fantasies of love.

The accompanying video, edited by VOLCAN, is extrapolated from “Ne Croyez Surtout Pas Que Je Hurle”, the first full-length film from 2019 by Alsatia-based Regisseur Frank Beauvais, a desperate and moving visceral inner confession, without shooting a single frame, only using an endless archive of shots ‘stolen’ from the movies he saw during a nihilistic period of solitude.

The visuals build an alternate dimension cast in universal symbols following a sequence of peculiar clues through the hidden mysteries of the mind. Dark enchanted woods, secret passages, and smouldering fires elicit danger, while distant horizons open reflective waters, illuminating rays, and cryptic shadows to reverse the chaotic flow of time backwards into a subconscious catharsis.

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