WL//WH New Music Video: “Giving In” to SECRET ATTRACTION’s Bittersweet Romance

New Music Secret Attraction 

The stand-alone track “Giving In” is a short but bittersweet entry into the amazing synth-infused dream pop collection of Secret Attraction, the one-man project Arizona-based musician Derek Wise, taking sentimental croons with evocative guitar work to the top of Phoenix’s vast skyline, while the world sleeps below.

Nostalgic moods spin warm glowing synth swaths with perpetually anxious sparkling guitar strings and lashing off-tempo tinny beats around sad, soft, and dreamy male vocals release of confessional lyrics, dwelling in brooding isolation amid past loves lingering obsessions.

A video accompaniment by Micah Dailey, shot high above the nocturnal lights of Phoenix, Arizona, stands a lonely man lost in a contemplative reflection of love. Close-up lens angles draw warm glowing red thoughts of passion against the glistening panoramic views, to bring intimacy and romance into the constellation clad skies of shattered dreams and fate’s secret whispers.

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Photo by Braxton Apana