WL//WH Video Of The Day : MOLLY NILSSON “Serious Flowers”

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Berlin based, Swedish songwriter, singer and producer Molly Nilsson is a bright example of artistic independence and self-production.

Since her debut album “These Things Take Time” in 2008 through her own DIY Dark Skies Association label has managed to forge an unpredictable cult career out of the spotlight and without any commercial temptation, perfecting a minimal dark synthetic sound that artfully blends 80’s tinged synth-pop, new wave and coldwave laced with an intimate and melancholic, slightly goth, feel.

Over the past few days she has announced her upcoming new eighth album titled “2020” due to be released, via Dark Skies Association and Night School Records, next October 21st 2018.

“Serious Flowers”is an poignant and emotional slow song about lost friendship, timing and personal growth rooted on stripped down evocative and mournful synth textures and sparse dour beats intensified by her melancholic yet resolute vocals.
A woman aching inside at the loss of a close friendship. The friend wouldn’t give her the time she needed to heal, stand on her own, and become self-aware. She misses and forgives her friend, but feels like she wasn’t given the chance to grow in relationship. As intensively expressed in the self-released video with fireworks going off, she is finally free to be herself without friend holding her back.
With just minimal synth lines, few beats and her voice, Molly Nilsson is able to touch us deep in the soul, triggering intense emotions.
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