WL//WH Video Of The Day: SOBRANIE 8 18 “Lucy”

Video Of The Day  SOBRANIE 8 18

Someone should remember the young talented Russian duo from Saint-Petersburg, Sobranie 8 18, who stood out about 3 years ago with a very promising debut LP ‘Demons, The Angel And Dark Thoughts’ via Perfect Aesthetics a refined and intriguing, dark yet romantic synth wave / avant pop sound composed by multi-instrumentalist Kirill Drobishevski and adorned by the sublime ethereal voice of Anastasia Alekseeva.
After a long pause for reflection, the duo is back with the video for the new song “Lucy” and announcing also a new album that will be released before the end of the year.

A visually stunning DIY biopic starring “the band” as themselves set to the melodious mix of mind-expanding synth-rave orchestrations and sub-bass breaking beats found in modern electronica. 

“We used crowns because we wanted to symbolize that everyone can put it on himself. And this story is a metaphor for our fall and rebirth,” states Nastya

Decrepit distorted words unfold days gone by, as a lone chilling drone pierces the passages of time into the sound of rising flutter, alit in the sad sweet song of lost love sinking into the pounding undercurrent of slow dragging bass. Burgeoning synth melodies soothe the menacing male vocoder hisses lost in loving memories, inspiring bright sparkling atmospherics to swirl amid restrained, painfully alone female cries becoming full, angry laments. Vocoder responds with a rhythmic freestyle hiss blurring the rippling baselines and off paced arrhythmic beats with the dire outcome foretold.

Narrative lyrics written in the form of an eye-witness account regarding the disappearance and whereabouts of Queen Lucy for the concerned King Richard stem from a Grimmesque Tale, wherein happiness turns to devastation after evil spirits possess the Queen, and trick her into running away. Visibly styled like a poem or Tall Tale, the words bring comfort to the haunting and macabre plot.

Made in the likeness of a Hollywood full-length trailer, the impressive video, directed by Anton Shirokikh, shows the disturbing progression of Lucy‘s mental state of demonic possession experienced while lost in the woods. Drawn into the elegant era of kings and queens with rich and illustrious costume design, the deep emerald green dress (changes to the color black), matches the majestic hues found in the archaic trees towering intimidatingly overhead; making the distressed heroine look even more unsettlingly fragile. Wonderful acting techniques using facial expression formed into stark raving madness with fearfully confused innocent undertones eclipsed by the acute northern angle of the sun as it casts haunting shadows of doubt upon the still body, in a black dress, that now lies in the cold stream.

An adrenaline-filled interpretation of the mysterious rise and fall of Sobranie 8 18, wrapped in a glorious feast for the eyes, set to the circuitous flow of liquid lava rave vibrating synth-laden reverie.

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