WL//WH Video of the Day: FELT & FUR ‘Pulling A Thread’

Video of the Day Felt & Fur

Hailing from Denton,Texas electronic trio Felt and Fur, comprised of Alizsha Pennington (guitar, vocals,) Randall Minick, (keyboard, percussion, synths), and Jarrod Estes (keyboard, percussion, synth) released an official video, created by Alizsha Kay, for the haunting track, Pulling A Thread” from last November sophomore full-length “Held” via Triptych Records.

Beautiful agonized vocals carry rich tones, dynamic volumes and enormous emotional range against the backdrop of a post modernist society of mass consumption. Wherein lie huge magnitudes in density and spatial ratio. Organic spacious keyboards breath amiss reverb-laden static, and fizzy and hissing drones charge air with misty vapors. Hypnotic driving, krauty rhythms, spatial chord progressions and wistful guitar melodies form deep, repetitive, trance-inducing soundscapes fueled by penetrating, enduring synth melodies, increasingly more expansive, not less abrasive and sweeping, carrying it all into spacey oblivion.

A song about treachery, a broken heart, and the vast array of emotions experienced during a break-up. Sarcastic, disgusted feral rants expose the heartless, entitled, and shallow nature of the beast. Misunderstood, and humiliated vocals of angered frustration erupt visceral primitive soulful moans and cries of raw intensity rarely met by a singer. A tragedy of relentless beauty born of betrayed love and immense suffering.

A strange black and white video including footage that appears to defy laws of physics ignite pulsing, divisive, and disturbing imagery as cracks of color slowly begin to emerge. Dancing, throbs rhythmically, around shadows of distortion and reflections of imagination expand herd. Static drone cicada effect emit white wall frequency highlighting a climax of growth, independence and ownership spawned from heartbreak and trauma. Lit with extremely evocative vocals of unwavering power, a surreal haze illuminates the air, dissects the body and permeates the surface with a wall of horizontal energy.

Gritty, emotional, honest lyrics set to a spacey synth-laden soundscape between languished, aching laments bleed vocals of haunting beauty leaving a darkness in your heart not easily forgotten.

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