WL//WH Track Of The Day: PARAGRAF 201 “Judith Auer”

Track Of The Day PARAGRAF 201

Hamburg / Berlin synth electronic duo Paragraf 201, made of musician Christian Klesz and vocalist Francis Kussatz, play a minimal, frigid, equally dark and crystalline synthetic sound, blending elements of 80s Synth-Pop and New Wave while missing the NDW weirdness.

Following the end of last year’s promising debut EP, “SeLäufst du mit, läufst du Gefahr”, the German band return with a new single, “Judith Auer”, dedicated to the Zurich-born, daughter of the communist writer Erich Vallentin, and resistance fighter during the Nazi era, as part of Berlin’s KJVD group, sentenced to death on September 6, 1944.

Subdued soft alluring female vocals hang suspended in an anaesthetized void, against a bouncing and hypnotic backdrop of crackling retro-percussion charged mechanical dry beats, obsessive throbbing bass hums, icy cold bright synth swathes, and intersecting wistful strings of flashing and tinkling glaring chords, to sway between nervous witty longings and breathy detached yearnings in a deceitfully playful and surreal, yet poignant dance where tragic brave memories, inglorious foreboding realities and a dystopic future coexist.

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Paragraf 201 photo by @f66vl