WL//WH Video Of The Day: FAVOURS “Left Behind”

Video Of The Day  Favours

Following their 2020 debut album, “Made To Wait”, Toronto-based duo, Favours, made of Alex Zen (Vocals + Guitar), and Jacq Andrade (Vocals + Synths), reemerge in the new year more dynamic and energetic than ever with two already tracked EPs, rife with a sparkling emotional-ridden, ’80s inspired, new wave sound.

The first 5-song EP, “Left Behind”, recorded with the guidance of bassist Brendan Canning (of Broken Social Scene) and the production by Mark Andrade, scheduled for release this Summer, is previewed by the first single and title track along with a cinematic analog music video.

Left Behind” triggers a frenzy and thrilling blend of swirling glittering synths, snapping, slashing syncopated rhythms, weaving in-and-out of densely throbbing wandering bassline and thick, warm piercing guitar lead around dual vocals blending gripping, anxious male tones with coy, breathless female exhalations to form a moving melodramatic escapade rooted in love, obsession, and fear.

An engaging Romantic Dramedy, directed by Jacq Andrade, travels back to the 80s where a retro-quirky set uses suggestive shadows and penetrating eye contact to elicit feuding vibes from an estranged yet attached couple whose secret rendezvous lead to mishaps and regret. Dizzying camera angles spin split-screen mirrored magic into a kaleidoscopic maze of heady fusion, while vintage fashion, props, and instruments evoke dreamy fantasies from the surreal and candid performance.

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