WL//WH Video Of the Day: TABLERAZ “Mad”

Video Of The Day Tableraz 

Hailing from Rennes, Britanny, in the North-West of France, Post-Punk one-man-band Tableraz release a gut-wrenching video directed by Nolan Dubois, for the haunting track “Mad”, taken from the upcoming debut album “Love” scheduled for release on November 27, 2020.

Detached, snapping moods weave energetic off-tempo drum beats through poignant pulsing bassline danger with reckless abandon, while sinister synth notes and wiry guitar melodies linger nervous premeditated nostalgia around helpless, anxious male vocal’s jittery plight of self-alienation, changing briefly in a quivering mesmeric interlude to deliver a toxic flow of adrenaline-fueled deception, straight into the emotional vein of heartfelt self-annihilation.

Obsessive-compulsive lyrics trigger heavy doses of pain and subconscious turmoil into a love song left, hanging in the maddening balance betwixt the ego’s loss of control and self-idolatry.

A graphic and disturbing depiction of a drug-addicted life left alone, foaming at the mouth in the seedy gutters of a decaying city. A dramatic video constructs an unsettling interplay of deception, menace, and destruction, blending the intimate vulnerability found in the human body with a stark bathroom scene cast in red and blue flashing overlays, to evoke a disturbing array of restless emotions and primitive fears, through universal symbols and illogical thought sequences, instilling an unnerving and personal sense of guilt, paranoia, and panic into a private ritual of hidden shame.

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