Wl//WH Video of the Day: ZAGOVOR “Дочь Серебра \ Daughter of Silver”

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Moscow’s electro-pop / romantic-wave/ darkwave Zagovor [Conspiracy] solo project of Krill Ovchinnikov keeps on captivating our dark synth hunger with his distinctive ‘sad synth’ sound.

Since last September album “Радио/Radio”, he has released two singles, his latest “Дочь серебра / Daughter of Silver” is paired with the visuals, both inspired by archive materials and photos taken in “Krylatskoye” district, Moscow in the 70’s/80’s.

Hypnotic and jittery, rapid pulsing, shadowy bassline and energetic whiplash drumbeats, surrounded by ominous, frozen synth swells switching between urgent and melodramatic, and heightened by sparse, repetitive percussive hits, build a wall of tension un-penetrable by submerged, distant, deadpan vocals of romantic emotional timbre creating an environment of longing, hardships, and dreams. A dramatic pause as synths become dying whale songs and drums beat rapidly and then fade out.

A song about fantasy, reality, and different perspectives. Dreaming of a woman he compares to precious silver, while describing himself as stone creates a duality of apprehension as a stone is used for sturdy useful things and silver is an ornate decorative element. Feeling ordinary in an extraordinary world…dreams do come true!

The accompanying video, made of black & white footage of Communist-era architecture, shows blocks of tall buildings with the camera zooming in slowly creating a dramatic effect. People in various states of activity emphasize the ordinariness of the vast cityscape. Split screens emote duality as aerial views create an effect of being very small.

An immersive and gloomily intense song even to dance to as the visuals mirror the instruments and lyrics beautifully.

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