WL//WH Track Of The Day: THE DEATH OF POP “The House That We Built”

Track Of The Day The Death of Pop

London based duo The Death Of Pop, comprised of brothers Angus and Oliver James, to which over time other musicians have joined and moved away, since their early days have always had a distinctive knack for melody and the boldness and imagination to experiment with diverse pop territories, without becoming stuck in a rut of repeating the same formula.

From the distorted reverb guitar sound of their early stage, influenced by the iconic dreamy shoegaze of Ride, Slowdive, Galaxy 500 and Lush and whatnot, the band has been able to grow and be appreciated, constantly favouring quality, rather than quantity, as subtle craftsmen of a sophisticated, never predictable pop, like the recent collection of covers, clearly shows, refracted in a kaleidoscopic mirror of dizzying and shimmering multi-faceted sonic nuances, always keeping a profound heartful emotive edge, enhanced by introspective lyrics.

The new single “The House That We Built”, the second to be taken from their forthcoming sophomore album “Seconds”, seems to approach the refined pop aesthetic of unique bands such as Prefab Sprout, Blue Nile, Scritti Politti, and in some ways Steely Dan with some late ’60s British psych-pop leanings.

A man feels trapped in the bland existence in “the House that We Built” and finds himself wandering and yearning for a plethora of fanciful flavours not yet explored.

Soft ticking percussive rhythms, suffused with warm spacious pads, that flow, and burgeon, rippled gently by glossy wistful synth chords, hearty deep bass pulses, and shimmering jangly guitar melodies, around soulful, ecstatic male vocals, heightened in a glimmering soaring chorus dripping in nostalgic harmonies, croon over helpless desires begat in disillusioned monotony.

Following a similar trajectory in many ways to The Boo Radleys, likewise, The Death Of Pop seem to master the secret formula for the perfect melody. 

The band will be donating 100% of digital sales this week to the following charitable organizations: Black Minds Matter UK, SARI, and INQUEST UK.

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