Track Of The Day: SHADOW FIGURE “Come Down (Yeah)”

Track Of The Day Shadow Figure

After a rather interesting Demo dropped this spring, Shadow Figure, the one-man-band based in Brooklyn, NY, returns with his first 4-track EP “Accept & Kneel”, a stark and poignant collection of brooding, intense and minimalistic, goth-infused, blend of ’80s UK influenced post-punk and darkwave, loaded with introspective lyrics to unveil a glimpse into the maddening reality of human existence.

Moody and claustrophobic, the closing “Come Down (Yeah)” triggers eternal lashing snares and tight kicks, interspersed by echoing clanging claps, that seethe their fast-paced way through sinuously pulsing deep gloomy bassline, awash by shallow icily cold spectral synth swells, into a restless haunting night of helpless fear and uncertainty, imbued by deep rambling vocals, exhaling in a breathless, isolated croon, lost in a hollow void of doomed fate.

An unforgiving debut smouldered in bleakness and obscurity, whilst still lacking a dash of personality, has at least two further tracks worth your attention, for a young project, distinguished by a gripping, sultry dark voice, with wide margins for improvement.