WL//WH Video Of The Day : BLACK ARCADE “Death is Not a Lover”

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Created in 2015 “with a minimalist and forward thinking approach”, Black Arcade is the brainchild of musician Jack Spade from Lexington, KY, “a reflection of the modern world and what it means to be human at this exact time.”

Following his 2017 10-track album“Transhuman”, the sophomore self-released 8-track LP “The Rectangle Rose” is due to be released next October 5, 2018 on CD & Digital. Black Arcade’s alluring and hypnotic dark sound combined a minimalistic instrumental approach (synths, guitar and drum machine) with a striking blend of 80’s tinged darkwave, post-punk and synth-pop firmly rooted in the current modern gothic scene.

The second preview,“Death is Not a Lover” is about, submission, control, and fantasy. The song begins with a fantasy of being forced into submission against his will. Secretly he desires this and later fantasizes about her taking control of him. This gives him the excuse to retaliate in the most severe way but, “death is not a lover” and he cannot follow through with such dire consequences.

Sharp synths interwoven with reverb laden bleeding guitars sounds awash in echoing, distorted, dreamy, unreal vocals. Backed by the rhythmic pounding drum machine keeping tempo to the dark/synth wave eerie fantasy rich atmosphere. Evoking feelings of passion, desire, and confusion on subconscious primitive levels of which even the singer cannot fully understand.

The just released official video furthers the eerie tale of fantasy and seduction, with black and white cut scenes alternating between sultry singing and haunted guitar playing.  Combined with slo-mo smoke being inhaled and exhaled into symbolic shapes and figures of a truly troubled mind!

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