WL//WH Video of the Day: METADONA “Píldoras”

Video Of The Day  Metadona

Colombian Noise-Pop / Post Punk foursome Metadona based out of Bogotà, comprised of Julian Ossa (Lead Vocals – Guitar), Vicente Gómez (Bass and Vocals), Diego Alvarado L. (Drums and Vocals) and Valentina González (Synthesizers and Vocals), began a collaboration in 2017 each with a different perspective and musical influence behind them. A commonality of sound was found within Post-Punk brooding dark intensity, Garage rawness and 80’s Punk urgency and rebellion, enhanced by heartfelt and poetical lyrics. A seven-track debut album “Dosis” was released in October 2018 via Pánico Records.
New Official Music Video for hit track “Píldoras/Pills’ pairs in your face vocals/lyrics with the unrelenting stamina of noise energy, and shows a dope rendering of intense emotional exorcism.
From the start, sharp nimble pinpoint guitar riffs bleat urgently with resonate mellifluous bass lines and vigorous heavy hitting drum beats to form a powerful momentum of rapid energy. Four resounding unified voices of different weight and timbres rhythmically shout with frustrated fortitude into the sound force moving full speed ahead being driven by the unrelenting agility of razor-sharp guitar sting sounds.
A superficial life of indifference, expectations, and depression casts grave doubt into a marriage causing a woman to descend into madness.  Extreme feelings of anxiety and being suffocated by her husband’s needs create a prison of fear and unending maladies from which there is no escape. Deluded with thoughts of banishment lead to a complete break from the reality of dire consequence in a twisted tale of regret and pills.
 A stunning video, directed by Julien Ossa, uses time-lapse photography with a first-person viewpoint camera set against the backdrop of a cityscape bursting with bright splashes of matte purple, deep orange, and flat yellow enhancements alternating with a black and white rendering to create two possibilities. One is a first-hand experience of how it might feel to run away from problems instead of taking medications. as seen in the video.  The black and white represent the lyrics with a stark, insane, and isolated existence ending in death. A disturbing revelation drawing attention to the fact that many are suffering at the hands of mental illness and a necessary break from reality might help to take a run and scream!
An intense fast-paced, and loud expression of sound combined with poetic lyrics shouting, rather than hiding, to be heard brought to life by magical cityscapes, and welcoming faces.  It’s a combination that leaves you smiling on the outside, aching on the inside.
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