WL//WH Track Of The Day : SUPERNOVA 1006 “Going Wrong (Radio Edit)” [New Single]

Track Of The Day

After the early steps they could easily compared to The Soft Moon, the Saint Petersburg duo  Supernova 1006, comprised of Andrey Yukhovich (singer/songwriter/guitar) and Elizabeth Dolgikh (drums/synthesizers), have constantly improved in search of their own identity and their last year excellent and solid mini-album “Unique World” was the best evidence of all their amazing talent.

“Going Wrong”, the lead-single of the forthcoming new LP “Blackout”, digs deeper into the vast potential offered by their even more contaminated and daring sound, built on propulsive and obsessive rhythmic patterns, deathrock-like guitar chords and brooding and menacing synths enriched by the deep voluptuous hushed vocals, it’s mechanical yet sensual, discordant yet melodic, dark and sinister, charged with compressed energy, a dense and vibrant shard of black industrial synthpop.

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