WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLD PROVIDENCE “La Muerte”

WL//WH Track Of The Day Old Providence

The Colombian alternative underground music scene, but in general South America as a whole, appears to be very creative and fervent in recent years. As my friend and musician from Argentina told me yesterday ‘probably the social and economic crisis that we are in it’s giving the artists more time \ more despair \ more need to action!’.

Born in December 2016, with an EP, a single and last November’s debut album “Al Final Sólo Hay Vacío” under their belt, Old Providence is a Post-Punk / Experimental quartet hailing from Armenia, Quindío fresh from dropping a new split EP with fellow band Tamas.

Influenced by the ‘usual suspects’ from the 80s, namely Bauhaus and Joy Division, but also by contemporaries like Soviet Soviet (who have had the pleasure to support) and Protomartyr, the 4-piece play a dense, poignant, dark post-punk, both urgent and alluringly introspective, comprised of tearing and piercing evocative guitar lines, vigourously throbbing rhythms and haunting vocals.

Introduced by hypnotic pin-point bass notes and sparse beats,“La Muerte” ignites with reverb-infused searing guitar melodies that obsessively shimmer and whine, dramatically deep, atop to race with galloping drums in sync with sinuous deep pulsing rubbery basslines in a claustrophobic and murky two-way death run towards a dangerous and uncertain destiny, as tension, lure and fear thicken, teased by profound, soulless, malevolent vocals threatening pain, suffering and possible mercy in a hot and humid struggle to breathe.

There can’t be a more appropriate and playful comment of what I have read on YouTube about the song: ‘Si esto es la muerte, I wanna die listening to such a jewel…’

As the band defines itself ‘in constant search of our sound’, they’re definitely on the right path.

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