WL//WH Track Of The Day: MYSTIC ECHO “Tide”

Track Of The Day  Mystic Echo

Belgian multi-instrumentalist Ignace De Lamper, under his recent moniker Mystic Echo, crafts 80s-embedded, fully hardware synthesized architectures around emotional-laden swirls of neo-romantic melodies, combining glittering wistful new wave and dark dancing synthpop with haunting and alluring soulful croons.

The brand new captivating single “Tide”, the second as Mystic Echo, is laced with lyrics that reveal lost love, sadness, and attempts at escape in a confessional inner dialogue.

Dynamic snare beats ceaselessly lash across a sizzling weft of deep tremoring low ends, rumbling throbs, and skipping shimmers, slathered by slow glaring swashes of synths that wander and waft into airy desolately melodic swelling motifs, brimming with heavy-hearted melancholy, embued by deep heartfelt male vocals, dripping emotional tragedy into the urgent tide of despair.

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