WL//WH Video Of The Day: CRAYON CASE “Gravits”

Video Of The Day  CRAYON CASE 

Indonesian ‘sneaker lookers’ Crayon Case is a new Indonesian Lo-Fi Indie Pop trio, made up of Eden (vocals/production), Fein (vocals) and Suara (production), fresh from dropping their enticing Brighter-style shimmering debut singleGravits / Gravity, accompanied with an experiential DIY music video.

The two-tracker features also an alternate, soft grey version on the flip, that blends dreamy, sad male vocals with loose, light distorted guitar textures, to satisfy a gloomier, more surreal shoegazing mood.

Noisy, high-energy nostalgia wafts through sun-kissed wandering of obsessive ringing and wistful guitar melodies, sonorous humming bass pulses, and steady peppy drum beats, to wrap around bittersweet male-female vocal interplay, mixing fragile angsty cries with numb, moody doubt and echoing hums, with a dizzying loop of longing, fear, and regret. 

An imaginative DIY home movie-style video, captured between January 4 – January 8, 2023, manifests the whirlwind romantic feelings of the lyrics to sync seamlessly with the mercurial vibes of the soundtrack. Garage rehearsals, blue skies, and giggling smiles accelerated with disconnected flows of motion, setting the stage for a sentimental stream of fond memories where impromptu dance moves, playful flirtations, and explosive fireworks fade slowly into the shifting sands of time.

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