WL//WH Video Of The Day : UIU “Terrified and Lonely”

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A familiar face here on the blog the Perth based Australian musician Greg Weir and his experimental dark analogue vintage synth UIU project.

Following the single “Wild And Innocent/Like A Doll” via Detonic Recordings, he has finally come to his self-released debut full-length Phantasms of the Living”.

’”A soundtrack to the acknowledgment of the living ghosts that we routinely allow to possess us…“, recorded entirely in his home-studio, the album deftly runs through, the 80’s tinged New Wave / Coldwave / Darkwave / Synth-punk and Synth-pop spectrum.

UIU’s video for Terrified and Lonely”, directed by Belinda Eldridge (also co-vocalist on“Think Of Me”), helps explain Weir’s concept of hidden ghosts through the use of black and white, high exposure, shadowy figures and locations. We see a man, nervously looking around as if being followed, traveling to an underground destination. Hoping to finally have something of his own, that cannot be taken away, the street lights turn to eyes and follow him on his journey. Anxiety and  wonder flow as the rhythmic clashes and slashes and haunting synth melodies emphasize the jumpy ‘edge of your seat’ thrilleresque feel and conspiracy of Weir’s mysterious, apprehensive, paranoid vocals.

UIU‘s “Phantasms of the Living” is bravely made of eight melodic and sombre, deftly crafted synth-laden songs, that throb with feelings and emotion, born out of the overwhelming enthusiasm and passion from a truly DIY musician. Needless to say, highly recommended.

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