WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLOSED MOUTH “I Could Be Wrong”

Track Of The Day Closed Mouth

Now focused on his coldwave/post-punk DIY music project Closed Mouth started in 2019, with influences that veer naturally from new wave, gothic rock, psychedelic rock, ambient, shoegaze, experimental and back again, French multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer Yannick Rault is about to realize, sometime over the year, his new album “Conversation Piece”.
In the meantime, in order not to contradict his prolific songwriting, he just dropped a dark and persuasive brand new song “I Could Be Wrong” that will not be included in the LP.                 

A resonant terse snare beat introduces ceaseless winding dense bassline that throbs helplessly along with hypnotically obsessive rhythms, surrounded by misgiving ethereal ritualistic chant, drawing a mysterious, and gloomy mood, seamlessly oscillating between the seductive and the alienated, cloaked in a veil of profound melancholy, whilst dismal repetitive, flaring guitar melodies soon shift into penetrating bleeds of guitar reverberations piercing through the dim darkness atop lost hollow echoed cries, muted in ghostly pain, drowning in a sea of distrust and doubt.

Just a few days ago, I had been involved in a conversation about how too many bands wearily replicate the sound of the Cure, albeit, as usual, Closed Mouth approaches it, in this case, the period of the infamous ‘Gothic triptych’ 1980-82, with such artistry and freshness and with now an increasingly convincing and intriguing vocal delivery, replete with morose and sinister hues, we can only say ‘Chapeau!’.

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