WL//WH Track Of The Day: KONDRATIE “Mgla / Fog”

Track Of The Day Kondratie

Coldwave/Minimal Synth one-man-band Kondratie, from Perm, Russia, follows last May’s “La Peste” EP with the devilish and obsessive new track “Mgla / Fog”, an array of spectral and eerie foreboding synthetic melodies, dangerous mechanical rhythms, and malevolent vocalizations to establish a cloudly nightmarish dark pathos, at the same time dramatic and enthralling, laced with poetic lyrics delving into gloomy shades of vintage Russian despair.

“Mgla” unleashes ominously staggering and rumbling bassline, punctuated by steady lashing rhythms along with sparse hissing and skipping brittle percussive patterns, stabbed by epically glowing sinister synth chords, zipping and whirling around heavily filtered and glacially demonic mumbling vocals, that chant, scoff, and wearily echo into the ritual dreams of darkness.

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