WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISTANT STARS “Car Crashes and Heart Attacks”

Video Of The Day Distant Stars

Composed in the middle of the mandatory lockdown period as a cathartic need to relieve the anguish caused by those particular moments, the new track “Car Crashes and Heart Attacks”, as usual released via Australian DIY label Detonic Recordings, from the Franco-Australian duet Distant Stars, is “a 3 and a bit minute visit to our trans-global doldrums to hopefully ease yours…..”
Muriel Annic and Richard Payne, operating respectively out of Caen and Melbourne, ably craft off-kilter synth-laden tunes, vibrant, and shimmering whilst at the same time dark and sinister.
Hypnotic scattering beats drag hazily under neurotic glowing synth stabs that flash obsessively laced with clanging claps and calm distorted bright chords, creating an equally mind-bending and disturbing smothering haze, as floating disconnected female vocals breathlessly wander, amid penetrating anxieties and the ominous future left hanging in the balance of uncertainty.

Intimate lyrics reveal the positive parts of being in lockdown, and the hesitancy to return to a mundane life centred around money, “Car Crashes and Heart Attacks.”

Hypnotic video captures the colors of a flame in a ritualistic dance igniting a world of hidden ideas and emotions while spinning layers of subliminal dreamscapes cast dimension under a lonely isolated backdrop of a ho-hum laundromat wherein lies an endless assortment of inspiration.

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