WL//WH Track Of The Day : WAX CHATTELS “Stay Disappointed”

Track Of The Day

The years pass but from the small, apparently quiet, green and serene South Pacific’s New Zealand keeps on growing exciting and distinctive new underground bands, such us the Auckland‘s “guitar-less guitar music” power trio Wax Chattels, comprised of Peter Ruddell (organ, vocals), Amanda Cheng (bass, vocals) and Tom Leggett (drums), closer to the dissonant and darkly underbelly of raw bands like the Skeptics, Plagal Grind, Small World Experience and The Gordons, than the hazy jangly-psych and worldwide recognized ones.

It’s dense and devastating top-notch post-punk the band’s first single “Stay Disappointed”, built over a driven, and rythmically intricated, tight bass lines and fast-paced drumming, interspersed with rampant and scratchy keyboards and hypnotic double boy/girl vocals, and crammed with addictive yet overwhelming sonic thrills that will leave you breathless.

Co-signed by the nearly approaching 5 years partnership of Captured Tracks and Flying Nun Records, on the basis of a brief live performance, the single has been released few days ago on a very limited hand-stamped 7″.

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