WL//WH Track Of The Day: I WOKE UP CHINESE “Lena Wimer”


Established in September 2022, I Woke Up Chinese is the collaborative project and concept led by Gianni Lee from Bologna, Italy, co-founder of the French independent cassette-tape label MODEL WORKERS RECORDS.

The band ‘shamelessly marry Post-punk, Dark Wave, New Wave and Italo-Disco’, this latter element provides further unpredictable variations to the, for now, prominent aggressive taut guitar-driven sound, made of tightly wound gloomy atmospheres, edgy clattering noisy grooves, obsessive blasting rhythms, and gritty vocalizations rife with anger and despair.

The latest and third single so far, “Lena Wimer”, temporarily holds the synthesizers aside for a turbulent and chugging epic Killing Joke Post-punk style.

Observational lyrics cast judgment on Lema Wimer whose seemingly perfect life is wrought with expectation, indecision, and manufactured helpless happy moods.

Sharp sparkly ringing guitar melodies stir up a relentless driving drum machine, cut by abrasive distorted riffs that resound sorrowly, interpolating with a punchy and gnarly menacing bassline, to ceaselessly plague and crush airless, angsty vocals, with poignant rousing high-intensity, whilst aching angry cries, tumbling abruptly into the distorted chaos of nostalgic broods.

The Punk-fueled vibrant ,“Your Car”, on the flip is no less persuasive, with a growling bass throbbing in the foreground and stringent biting guitar strains.

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