WL//WH Video of the Day : HOLYSUN “Don’t Care”

Video of the Day

After last year promising debut 2-track EP “Leave Your Coat On”, the ‘noir pop’ solo project from Madrid, SpainHolysun has just released the new single/video “Don’t Care” via fellow music collective Le Briquet Label

Holysun‘s hazy, introspective, bittersweet dream pop sound, interspersed with murky and delicate tones, blends suggestions from British brooding post-punk and moody new-wave of the 80’s with Scandinavian indie-pop melancholia, on the same wavelength of contemporary bands like Russians Motorama.

Ominous drone synths, glistening wistful guitar strums, bursts of rhythmic drum beats, and deep submerged bass lines create a dark scrutinizing tragic aura. Lost, bleeding detached vocals of disappointment, disgust and shame ebb and flow out of urgent brittle guitar melodies with swirling synth and dead of night cicada-like effects.

Tired of feeling irrational and unable to stop the pain, a man longs for retribution in this twisted tragic tale of flawed vanity and narcissistic tendencies.

The accompanied video, directed by Jorge P. Pretel in Madrid, starring Lara Garnet y Javier Paredes, shows a beautiful well dressed woman in a raspberry beret reading la “Dominacion Masculina” by Pierre Bourdieu. Pierced angles of sunlight infiltrate scenes of beauty, despair and deception as a love story unfolds with shocking revelations.