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The American duo of Huston’s Daniel Srungaram & Detroit’s Dante Palomba had two excellent, understimated,  solo projects in a state of deadlock : the instrumental dark post punk of Two One Six the former, the synth darkwave industrial-tinged of Casuistry the latter. When last year they finally decided to join forces under the new collaborative moniker of New Today something special happened, like two pieces that fit like they were made for each other, the warm gloomy vocals of Dante perfectly merged with the cold, brooding, melancholic sonic atmosphere created by Daniel, moving up their music to the next level.

The title track of their brand new, already, third album, ‘Suicidal’, based on throbbing bass-driven lines, along with steady beats, hurtful reverb-dreanched guitars and haunted synth, is a dense burst of anger, misery and sorrow infused by a bitter melancholy,

If you’re looking for modern, visceral, bleak, beautifully written, dark post-punk, this is your favourite band right now.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso