WL//WH Track Of The Day: BOY MARINA “Thousand Dreams”

Track Of The Day Boy Marina

Hypnotic, enveloping and emotional Dream Pop streaked with Shoegaze reverberations defines the bewitching, monochromatic and ethereal stylistic palette of the London based band Boy Marina, built on dazed and crystalline guitar chords, sensorial atmospheric textures, suggestive airy keyboard washes and entrancing dreamy vocalizations.

The 5-piece, comprised of Megg Rorison (vocals, guitar), Antoni Petelicki (synth), Kamil Florczak (bass), Robert Owen (drums), and Ruben Elbrønd-Palmer (guitar), have dropped their proper debut single, “Thousand Dreams”, after last August’s live track “Love Song”, somehow suggesting the highly evocative emotive soundscapes of Beach House or the bittersweet chiaroscuro tones of fellow English duo White Flowers.

I wrote the lyrics a few years ago while in the back of a tour van of another band I was playing in. I think it was kind of a wake up call to get on with the things and projects I wanted to get done – I felt like I was coasting along. I think it’s about someone making an effort to get back in touch with the things and people they love and dancing to the beat of their own drum.Ruben Elbrønd-Palmer

Glistening echoing guitar ripples, droning shivering resonances and gauzy celestial synth blankets constantly harmonize and sway, both enveloping and penetrating, in flowing lilting unison on a brisk percussive carpet, through sheer wistful dazzling effusions, waxing and waning as a meditative and fleeting hazy cloud, subtly veiled by warm blinding lights and fleeting restless shadows, whilst soft breathless female vocals layer dreamy, whimsical desires into billowing breezes from a “thousand dreams.”

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Photo by Harry Harper