WL//WH Video Premiere: JOHN POUBELLE “Soldo degli angeli / Money from the angels”

Video Premiere John Poubelle

Non-existent creature from the depths of East Rome, now relocated to France, John Poubelle is Louise Burgers‘ (Il Gran Diavolato, Cellule de Crise) solo project.

Louise, who defines her music as “punk fragile de sous-sol” (fragile punk of the subsoil), raw and spontaneous yet intimate and vulnerable, is on the verge of releasing her debut full-length LP “Pléistocène supérieur”, on Tape and Digital, via Turin-based Italian DIY label Commando Vanessa, due out June, 23rd 2020. On pre-order here.

Composed, played and recorded in the twilight and solitude of her home studio, “Pléistocène supérieur” is an off-kilter otherworldly array of corrosive tones, fierce thuds, 80s organs, ritualistic chants, evocative reverbs, playful beats coalescing together in a diverse yet coherent, acid synthetic “psalms”, steeped in haunting reverbed vocals reminding of Nico’s piercing plaint.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the video for the album song “Soldo degli angeli / Money from the angels”, created by Lapo Sorride, Asile185 w/Lapo Sorride & Melodie Husqin.

‘the song is a declaration of affection for one of my favourite people in the world, together we saved our lives. Money from the angels, a precious gift. Arrived from heaven’  the artist explains.

Uncanny glowing tinny keys, triggered by scattered jagged beats and squelching percussive patterns, relentlessly increase in claustrophobic intensity reverberating with blinding menace over rapturous and penetrating, beautifully wicked female vocal inflexions, harness haunted hypnotic allure.

Awe-Inspiring video visualizes the striking contradiction found in between the director’s uplifting comment,
‘I wanted to interpret the concept of angels as if they were objects that we ourselves hang high to ensure that they flood us with something,’ and the current mass universal fear cursing upon humanity.

Unfocused, hazy, and mechanical motions draw deep from a misshapen identity, burning lysergic clouds onto a post-apocalyptic horizon, melting extreme contrasts between light and dark, capturing a focal point of clarity before a harsh reality takes hold.

Finely etched details carve a landscape of human suffering, overwhelmed in toxic layers of dust and doom shocked into submission by the powerful balance of illumination cast upon a monochromatic sea, to instil an eerie sense of serenity.

John Poubelle‘s debut LP “Pléistocène supérieur” is slated for release on June 23rd 2020, Tape and Digital, via Commando Vanessa label. On pre-order here.

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