WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAR AGENT “Vacant”

Track Of The Day DEAR AGENT

Released at the end of last week, “Private Eye” is the immersive debut 4-track EP from Dear Agent, an enigmatic project based in Leipzig, Eastern Germany, replete with a cold and atmospheric darkwave of rarefied elegance, permeated by the languid melancholy of oneiric and enveloping electronic sounds, scraped by underlying turbulence of gloom and anguish.

Minimal, shadowy and brooding ambiences that reverb hypnotically through the pushy organic bleakness of bobbling basslines, crisp and terse percussions, sparse guitar shimmers, winding ice-chilled synths, and spectral vocals.

“Vacant” unravels a sullen melodic pinpoint bassline that rolls ceaselessly cut by repetitive snappy beats, as sharp as ice, pervaded by arctic synthetic backdrops full of tangible iridescent desolation along with subduing hallucinated opalescent trails with mourning shades and elusive edges around deaden, haunted male vocals wafting ghostly through tragic moods of wistfulness and fearful detachment, falling lost into glowing and wooshing tides of solitude and despair.