WL//WH Review: “The Taste Of Falling” debut EP by LICORICE CHAMBER is an enchanting gothic mystique


Layla Reyna, Licorice Chamber

Layla Reyna is known as the chanteuse who fronted the North American gothic-deathrock trio Strap On Halo for more than a decade (2008-2020). But with the band currently on hiatus, Layla now launched her new solo project Licorice Chamber, whose debut EP “The Taste of Falling” was released earlier on 21 January 2022. With all songs written and performed by her (lyrics, vocals, keyboards, drums, and arrangements) and with a little precious help from her friends – Michel Rowland (Disjecta Membra, Dreams are Like Water) who contributed guitars to ‘As the World Breathes’, ‘This Love is Dark’, and ‘Just Like the Horror Movies’ – Blair Wotton (Column of Sand, Froithead, The Flickering), guitars on ‘It’s an Illusion’ –  she unveiled a simply gorgeous state of the art gothic record. She also added Lee Meadows to the team, (the bassist for UK goth rock band The Glass House Museum) who produced the Codename:Lola remix of ‘This Love is Dark’, and there you have it; Licorice Chamber conducted by Layla Reayna…showing up as a band!

The record contains 4 brand new songs plus the remix and all together form an enchanting gothic mystique, very powerful and cinematic at times, like one deadly soundtrack of herself and her deeds. Layla is a skilled singer, we knew that from her times with Strap On Halo, but here she also reveals a superb songwriter too. She studied the musical ways of the best of her kind and with this species to place her now among the most important presences of its kind; The American Gothic/ Deathrock scene. You will hear how impactful were to her, ladies such as Monica Richards, Gitane DeMone, and Eva O, and you will hear now Layla Reyna paying her tribute to her own goddesses. The first single to appear was ‘This Love is Dark’ with an official video too where all things are already very impressive.

You will hear more black winds and whine and grievance in ‘As the World Breathes’, you will hear her playing the chanting role of the witch in ‘Just Like the Horror Movies’ and you will also enjoy her gothic pop’s apparent ‘innocence’ in It’s an Illusion’. All songs with amazing music all over the album and with an extra cookie, the work on the remix for ‘This Love is Dark’ by Lee Meadows uplifted the song up to a more strict, and iron sonic field. ‘The Taste of Falling’ EP has been mixed and produced by Jeremy Knox and Licorice Chamber and mastered by Gordon Young (Children on Stun, Dream Disciples). Α lot of work has fallen in here and this record is gorgeous, listen loud!!!

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