WL//WH Review: The Triumphant New LP “Lost Hymns” by A CLOUD OF RAVENS


A Cloud of Ravens/Brooklyn, New York

After a whole year of waiting, while A Cloud Of Ravens were carefully releasing one single after another from the album, their new record “Lost Hymns” has been finally released on April 28 through Nexilis Records/Schubert Music Europe. The band comprises two members of the deepest plain of the dark American front; Matthew McIntosh – guitar, vocals, synths, drum programming, and Beth Narducci – bass guitar. All songs were composed and recorded by the duo alone while the whole was mastered by ACTOR‘s Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound studio.

Eleven triumphant new songs of the highest Post-punk music quality, all under the wings of Gothic Rock, and with the whole situation addressing the international darkwave realm. WL//WH knows the band so well (with past reviews and interviews and other features too) and to my joy, I gladly listened to a new record by a band that shows undeniable progress in all. Here the Ravens wrote and recorded the natural sequel to their previous album “Another Kind of Midnight” (2021), with original dark rock music from the heart and as the tribe is accustomed to them, with lyrics that have stories to tell in a quite poetic way occasionally. “Requiem For The Sun” is the opening track of the album, dare it!

Such musings and music results are away from the post-punk revival, don’t you think? To my ears, the Ravens weave the modern sound of it truly and with amazing results too. They are imposing, groovy, melodious, and poetic. The band is currently touring Europe with Then Comes Silence, then N.America with Clan Of Xymox and Curse Mackey (find the dates in their social media), while further dates with The Sisters Of Mercy lie ahead, and I think they’ll be stirring people up with their music.

We need bands like the Ravens that are not satisfied only with the ‘revivalism’ but continuing the’ contamination’ with zeal and undivided persistence toward the next leap, toward the next dark field. Luckily, I believe we are witnessing (in the past 5 years almost) the dawn of the new ‘morals’ in the wider dark alternative scene worldwide. A Cloud Of Ravens is among the names that are offering these new ‘morals’ to the world with respect to the past artists and with the need to underline that our music is not any trendy revival thing but a real, existing, and present world with questions and so many answers that are looking for questions.

Here is “LOSTT HYMNS” LP, turn it loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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