WL//WH presents WAVE NOIR // A Dark Alternative Music Collective

WL//WH is very pleased to present, support and collaborate with the brand new Dark Alternative Music Collective WAVE.NOIR.

WAVE.NOIR collective gathers unconventional musicians and mostly (but not only) lesser-known projects from the dark alternative and wave sphere, that have come together to support and promote each other’s work, in order to be more easily heard in the intricate jungle of the web.

The musicians:

DEUS FAUSTSlovakia/Maine | Facebook

THE STAVE CHURCHTexas | Facebook

TRUCK STOP ALIENAustralia | Bandcamp |

TENEBRIS OBORTISSlovakia | Facebook

VENUS IN FURSEngland | Site

PILGRIMS OF YEARNINGNew England | Facebook

VALENTINA MAURINO Argentina | Facebook |

Another focus of WAVE.NOIR is the artists’ projects. On the web pages, you will always find some extraordinary works-in-progress, as well as upcoming ideas (tribute albums, experimentations, reimagination, you name it!) for which any band that is interested can apply.

These are the first ongoing projects:


A bunch of contemporary dark alternative musicians, such as Shad Shadows, Two Moons, The Stave Church and others, are paying their tribute to Times, the mastermind of the legendary early ’80s UK post-punk band Venus in Furs, with the first WAVE.NOIR-project “My Velvet Cage”.

TANGO DARKA Dark Alternative Tango Compilation [OPEN FOR APPLICATION]

Combining tango – which is by itself already a quite dark music style – with post-punk/new wave sounds, is not a new idea. It has been done before. Joy Division‘s ‘Decades’, or the songs ‘Sultan’ and ‘His Master’s Voice’ by Venus in Furs come to mind. If you like the aforementioned songs and would like to try something like that, we invite you and your band to participate, with an original song, to our project “Tango dark”.

If for you the music is genuine passion and dedication, in addition to sharing the love for the different facets of the dark sound, you will most likely feel at home.

Keep up with WAVE.NOIR: