WL//WH New Music: THE GUESTS “Last Call”


Longstanding Moscow based ‘Old-School’ Post-punk / Gothic Rock duo established in 2002, The Guests, drop an esoteric video by The Edan Project, starring Jagermiss (Elena Agafonova), for the soul-stirring song “Last Call”, taken from last September’s 4-track EP “Chaser”.

Enshrouded in cold, black Gothic fantasies, “Last Call” inflames trotting rhythmic patterns, meandering bleak throbbing bass lines, poignant glistening guitar melodies, and meandering bleak throbbing bass lines into a mercurial swirling breeze around romantic brooding male vocals, helplessly rising and falling with heartfelt harmonies into a shadowy, mystical domain struck by eerie, icy synth flutters and sinister creeping moods, to invoke the timeless powers of shadows and doom from the hallowed halls of possessed desire.

A dramatic video by The Edan Project sets the bewitching magnetism of a mischievous forest elf against a smoke-laden disenchanted castle backdrop to evoke mystery, danger, and intrigue. On-point acting, edgy costume and make-up, and a haunted mirror lay the foundation for a mesmeric ritual of deception where a beautiful blue-haired serpent fairy captures the hearts and minds of The Guests during a misty twilight performance. Inverse imagery reflects unlucky symbols and evil suggestive thought forms over a daring duo whose misdirected date with destiny opens a hidden portal into the fabled-looking glass’s parallel timeline of hypnotic frequencies.

Music and Art can bring people together and have no boundaries! Therefore, wherever you are on October 14, 2022, join the Sunglasses After Dark: In the Midnight Club online party, and together, along with The Guests, we can contribute to the cause of Peace! This night you will find a chic set of video performances of all shades of dark energies from: The Cemetary Girlz (France), Sounds Like Winter (Australia), Nox Novacula (USA), Dead Cool (USA), Acid Bats (Mexico), The Guests (Russia), Nyx Division (USA), Proshay (Russia) and Mercury’s Butterfly (USA). And also always unpredictable sets from wonderful DJs: DJ Naggaroth
Link: https://www.twitch.tv/djset_sunglassesafterdark

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